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SPAIN Choropleth Map in Excel



Use this template to create your own heat maps (choropleth maps) of Spain. Enhance your data visualization using this user friendly Excel spreadsheet.



  • Five customizable colour ranges.
  • Create maps with numerical values ​​and percentages.
  • Customize the name displayed in the map legend.
  • Copy the map with only one click.
  • Insert the map on drawing programs like Adobe Illustrator and edit it just as you prefer.
  • Copy the map and use it to create amazing text documents with the use of programs such as Microsoft Word.

If you need some extra functionality and you want us to personalize this template for you, do not hesitate to contact us … We also create Customized Excel documents, tailored to your needs!

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Create amazing reports thanks to this MULTI-LANGUAGE TEMPLATE together with the power and user friendliness of Microsoft Excel. Make the difference by representing graphically boring data due to this SPAIN Heat Map in Excel.

Intuitive and user friendly template

There is no other alternative as simple to use as this Heat Map template (Choropleth Map) of SPAIN in Excel provided by excelninjas.es

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Represent graphically numerical data

With this template you will be able to create easily your own maps from numerical data such as “number of users by region”,”number of sales by region”, “number of visits on my web by region”, etc.

Represent graphically percentages

With this template you will be able to create easily your own maps from percentages such as “percentage of users by region”,”percentage of sales by region”, “percentage of visits on my web by region”, etc.

Export your maps to other programs

Don’t limit yourself to your spreadsheet. Broaden your data horizon and increase its usefulness. You can use in your favorite word processor maps you’ve created with this template.

And not only that. You can export maps to your favorite drawing programs and edit them there freely.

Don’t hestitate! Take this opportunity!


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